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Me as 3Dphotographer at Dance Valley Festival Heineken festival bar bediening

Photo gallery in 3D 

Stereophotos of dance, festivals, concerts, events etc ...

This is the old part of the site !! 

Here you can find the older 3D photo's ;  3D albums 

Put on  red/cyan 3Dglasses and enjoy.


The 3Dphoto's are also available in other 3D formats.
Most, but not all 3Dphoto's are in the albums.
All 3Dphoto's are available as normal 2D photo .
Send me an e-mail for  more info..

For 3Dphotography requests and information,
please mail to
rene @ festival3D.nl

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more recent work on :

Facebook  :  all 3D and 2D photos    please  Festival3D op Facebook    
Pereo :  A special 3D photo gallery site

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dancevalley in
3D,  Bpop Haarlem,  Uit Je Bak, GayPride, Pleasure Island, kaeskoppenstad, bevrijdingsfestival AlkmaarYoung Arts Festival, Streetfestival,, Outdoor Stereo,, Extrema Outdoor, Zanphelf fantasyfair Haarzuilens, Click, Extrema Outdoor ,Halloween,
CRAFT,Dance Valley, Hardcore at Sea,fantasy fair Mysteryland, Holi festival, XO life, elfia
 Where to view the pictures
  Festival3D The 3D photo albums on this site      these are the older 3Dshootings only
  Facebook all 3D and 2D photo's and more info
  Pereo A special 3D photogallery site with a selection of about 30 to 40 photos of every event.
You can select the 3D output of your choice or view in 2D

="">Festival3D op Facebook ="">Festival3D op Facebook

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